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About ACORD Forms

ACORD Forms are standardized forms used by insurance agents and insurance companies throughout the United States. ACORD Form standards are set and maintained by ACORD, a non-profit organization supported by insurance agencies and companies ( Choices Software, Inc. is an authorized ACORD Form distributor. Choices adds value to ACORD Forms by allowing the forms to be filled-in, saved, retrieved, and emailed using the free Adobe Reader software.

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Certificates of Insurance

The most commonly used insurance form is the Certificate of Insurance. Certificates can be easily issued and managed using Choices software. Certificates can be filled-in, saved and emailed using the free Adobe Reader. Any Certificate can also be used as a template to merge with a holder list (similar to a Word document mail-merge).

Certificates do not have to be re-typed at time of renewal. A user can change the dates and policy numbers once, on a template, and then re-issue all of an insured's Certificates with a single click. The Certificates can be automatically signed. A Holder List report can also be viewed, saved and emailed.

Click the links below to view a demonstration of how this works:

How to merge Certificate templates and Holders?
Save time by allowing your insureds to self-serve their Certificates

Self-Serve Certificates

Save time by allowing your insureds/clients to self-serve Certificates. Ask us about this new option.

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