New Product - Upload your own forms

At you can now upload all your fill in PDF forms. For example, you can upload company specific forms, or any custom fill in form, that you or members of your team require.

Need help designing a new form? Ask us. We will be glad to help. Call 800-873-4757.

You can also ask someone else to help you fill out a form, by providing a link to the form. The recipient of the link does not need to install any software. Visit to try it free.

Single entry ACORD Forms

Fill to another form

Choices Software now allows common information to be filled from one ACORD Form™ to another, avoiding duplicate data entry.

From the Saved Forms List, click the name of any previously saved form to bring up a list of form actions. From the actions pop-up, select "Fill to another form" and select the destination form. Common data will be filled from the old form to the new form.

Commercial Proposal Forms

In addition to 750+ ACORD Forms, Agency Anywhere™ also includes 89 Commercial Proposal Forms.

Commercial Proposal Forms allow agents and risk managers to quickly prepare insurance presentations for their insureds in a format that their insureds can easily comprehend.

(place cursor over image at left to see enlarged view)

New ACORD Form Viewer

New ACORD Form Viewer

Choices Software now includes a new state of the art ACORD Form viewer, for all property-casualty ACORD Forms. The viewer is shown at left for editing a form and for viewing a form as a fixed image that can be downloaded as a pdf file and emailed.

The new viewer is compatible with all modern browsers, and provides improved speed and security.


Tooltips - are now optional

Tooltips were added to ACORD Forms™ by ACORD, several years ago, for all recent edition forms. Placing the cursor over any field on the form would display a pop-up with instructions on how to properly fill in the required information for that field.

However, some users said the pop-ups interfered with data entry. To overcome this issue, we have added a Tooltips checkbox at the top of each form. Now, by default, Tooltips are not active. To activate Tooltips, place a check in the checkbox. To de-activate Tooltips, uncheck the checkbox.


New Calendar - with drag and drop

The Agency Anywhere calendar has been updated to support drag and drop of "To Do" items. Items can also now be viewed as a list or as a Kanban.

Notice that items on the Calendar are automatically color coded, based on their current column in the Kanban view (see below).


Kanban - for workflow management

The new Kanban view helps users manage their work flow of "To Do" items, making sure they are completed. Items can be dragged and dropped to each column, left to right, as they progress toward completion.

The Kanban view can be accessed by clicking "Calendar" and then clicking the "View as Kanban" link at the top of the Calendar.


Dashboard - hide or show at startup

Users can now control if the Dashboard appears at startup by clicking a checkbox under Preferences.

The Dashboard shows the total number of records that have been created for Contacts, Forms, Emails and Holders. It also shows the "To Do" list, "User Actions", and "Policies Expiring" in the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

With many in the workforce switching to working from home, Agency Anywhere™ is the perfect solution.